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The confluence of influence

Noise in our business is dominated by the latest technologies and applications from a disparate range of companies with one thing in common namely an unimpeachable view that their view of the world is often the only view and always the right view.

In terms of weight of press Google and Apple dominate and everyone else is either an imitator playing catch up or one of the old guard leaning back on the ropes trying to make it look like the latest punch did not hurt. What you got Joe?

There’s nothing wrong with this until it starts to effect how marketing and media decisions are made. Too much noise can equate to inappropriate emphasis and allocations of time, effort and money chasing news induced dreams.

Today, we are at a tipping point. Broadcast media still delivers massive albeit declining audiences, millions still consuume print and radio, almost everyone who wants to be online is online and, soon enough, everyone who wants to be an active or passive participant in social media will be. In all cases the numbers are huge and by inference so is their influence on decisions people make on what to think and what to buy.

As a consequence we have a confluence of influence that is unprecedented and as a result a complex but delicious opportunity for integrated and interactive marketing in which consumers are stakeholders and participants as well as ‘audiences’.

With the opportunity comes what might be the defining  challenge for communication planners and traders; the simultaneous need to achieve intra-channel and cross-channel optimization  with an increasing amount of data available in real time.

The answers are  of course technical but they are also philosophical and for the agency community the two are of equal import; critically a confluence of influence requires a confluence of consideration in planning.

There is simply no primacy between the broadcast, the addressable and the social and agency and client structures need to recognize that truth before they have a reasonable chance of solving the puzzle it presents.



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