Welcome to on demand

On demand means simply that. You asked for it. No one made you come here! This blog mixes personal and professional, wisdom and whimsy, passion and politics, sports and social media and anything else that takes my fancy. I work for WPP, a large marketing services enterprise, and state here catgorically that the views expressed here are mine and not necessarily theirs.

4 responses to “Welcome to on demand

  1. Hey Rob,

    Not sure if you remember me. We met about 9 months ago. Anyway, I just stumbled onto your blog, and I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed;-)

    A little constructive criticism here….
    Time to spruce up your blog with Social Bookmarking icons, beef up the blogroll with relevant links, and throw some Adsense on here to start monetizing this thing, and change the RSS feed URL to a feedburner feed.

    Also, there are a whole lot of essential WordPress plugins you should have.

    And, I’d get off the WordPress subdomain. Time for “On Demand” to have it’s own domain. All the energy you put into making this a great “authoritative” blog will go to the WordPress.com domain. You’ll never have full ownership unless you host your own domain.

    I’ll be glad to provide you with much more details/ideas as a free consultation.

  2. VGS18

    Dear Rob,

    We like to hear your views, thoughts, perspectives on the Obama’s Digital Campaign.

    Kind Regards

  3. I have been really enjoying your blog and I am wondering if you can help me. I work for a blog that reports on media creativity – http://www.rightbrainleftbrainblog.com, run by C Squared, which publishes magazines including M&M (www.mandmglobal.com) and cmdglobal.com.

    I was wondering if you’d be able to link to our blog from your blog? We already link to your blog from Right Brain, Left Brain.

  4. Rob, I’m trying to reach you for a piece I’m doing on YouTube and advertising.

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