Bent out of shape

Now that the registered user numbers of Facebook and Twitter have reached a target audience of all bipeds it may be time for a bit of illumination. That illumination is about the frequency distribution curve of actions among their usage base.

Put simply what % of all tweets are accounted for by what % users and what % of all tweets read are read what % of users. In the currenncy of Facebook, what % of all status updates, wall posts and other actions are accounted for what % of registrants. What would would we think if the answer to any of the above was 5%.

These data will go way some to revealing the real social significance and commercial potential of these two phenomena of our time. Significantly it will reveal the relationship between the players and the spectators and start to separate the potentail influencers in the pool for those that might be influenced.

In the event that my reader has any insight into the above please feel free to comment or to publish what you know to a wider audience than mine.

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  1. Some of the MS UK guys did some interesting work on twitter a while back that gets into some of this.
    chart 11 – top 30% of users account for 66% of tweets plus some interesting analysis of retweets
    Alistair Cotterill can probably tell you more

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