Sir Bobby Robson – “You know Don, the Czech lad”

Sir Bobby Robson, a noted English soccer manager passed away. Sir Bobby managed a marvellous Ipswich team and later managed England with considerable success.

I once had the pleasure of having lunch with him at Gatwick airport as we both waited for a badly delayed flight to Lisbon and this is a fine story he told against himself.

In a World Cup qualifying game England were to play Poland. The Poles were notable for having names bordering on the unpronounceable. Sir Bobby was trying to warn his team about an attacking player and the threat he posed. Sadly he could neither remember much less pronounce his name. Finally, in exasperation, he turned to Don Howe, one of the coaches and said “the winger, you know Don, the Czech lad”.

Sir Bobby was a gentlemen, he loved the game and by and large the game loved him.


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2 responses to “Sir Bobby Robson – “You know Don, the Czech lad”

  1. What I can say is very nice and helpful as well as informative post…really help me very much more!! Thanks..

  2. Although we’re both too young to remember him playing, Bobby Robson wasn’t just a manager. He was in two World Cup squads 1958 and 1962 without getting a game and wasn’t far off the 1966 squad.

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