Life is full of surprises

But this is not one of them. YouGov’s Brand Index tell us that brands that have invested in marketing in the first half of this annus horribilis have created more than their fair share of buzz. Buzz in this sense is measured in the broadest terms by monitoring volume and sentiment in online conversations and by search query volume. Go figure.

The wider and more interesting implication of this report is the impact of a variety of marketing activity on consumer intention. In essence it is telling us that brands increase their visibility, relevance and ranking (in organic search listings at least) by doing a lot more than optimizing web landing pages, or what has become known as SEO.

This is pretty important as the more visiblity you earn in the organic listings the more efficient your investment in paid search or SEM. It is advisable therefore to ask the following question in a creative brief for advertising “how will this message provoke a search query and for what?”

In parallel you should ask the further question “what digital assets do I have or do I need to create and distribute that when found have greatest business effect when that search is made?” These two questions lead you to the inevitable conclusion that provocative messaging coupled with well distributed relevant content assets will both generate and capture a disproportionate share of consumer intention. This also means that you might consider the value of combining social media and search strategies in the same line of service and making sure that service is well connected in conception and data capture with your wider message creation and distribution strategy.

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