Closer and closer…

Microsoft and Yahoo! seem to have chosen the flowers and the hymns and are on the verge of consummation. What large corporations join together let no regulator tear apart.

So what should advertisers think? Well the reader of this blog (hope all is good with you) will know that I believe that advertisers want and need scale, competition and innovation. In reverse order:

1. Bing is good.

2. A contest in which 30% plays 65% is better than one where 65% plays 20% and 10%.

3. 30% represents scale by any calculation.

So all boxes are checked. The new operation has an opportunity to build query volume and advertiser volume, it has the opportunity to compete effectively for wholesale distribution. Now it needs to execute with minimal fuss and drama and realize that it has now firmly attracted the attention of the smartest competitor in the world!

This should be good.


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2 responses to “Closer and closer…

  1. I definitely think this is a good thing as well.

    Let’s hope the 2 companies can make this work really quick, because they already lost a lot of time.

    Ps. thanks, I’m fine 😉

  2. alfie

    Yippee… now all’s required is a small, fully integrated team with a clear agenda and the resources to deliver. Think Micro-hoo can manage one of those?

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