Dear Mr. Bezos

I really like the idea of the Kindle. I really like how it works but I have a problem. You see I really like the aesthetics of books, magazines and newspapers. I enjoy the experience, the art direction, the typefaces, the pictures and all that old stuff which, to me, is part and parcel of the whole notion of content.

As a result I don’t see Kinde as a substitute, so I won’t stop buying books. I do see Kindle as an enhancement. I love getting The New York Times when I am out of the country, I love not carrying books on vacation so here’s what I would like. Would you please sell me all platform packages? You know, $20 for the book, $10 for the Kindle version or $25 for both. That way I get aesthetics and convenience. Please let me know if that’s likely.




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2 responses to “Dear Mr. Bezos

  1. Jerry Salomon

    Would you want a book that keeps changing on your shelf? Electronic “books” can be censured at any time and the next guy won’t have the same vwersion as you, or should you want to rerrwead it at a later date awhole chapter might be changed or left out if it is somehow inconvenient or expedient.

  2. alfie

    You might wish to reconsider… if you look at the small print you will be licensing your e-copy from mr. bezos (and soon should rumors be true, apple). this means the beginning of a long-term relationship where the licensor will own your content. Regardless of the specific details of Kindle’s recent call of 1984 – where the book simply disappeared from individual Kindle’s (ah, always-on), the larger issue might seem to be about notions of ‘ownership’ and ‘property’ – as the disappearance included all those lovely scribbles of vital marginalia. I’ll keep my paper copy, thanks, for reasons of aesthetics and then some

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