The trouble with marketing

Is that it is just much harder than it used to be. It’s harder because audiences are all of fragmented, inattentive and cynical.

In a business that grew up with a presumption of the exact opposite it makes for a tough transition. The glorious past of second rate products muscled into the market with mind numbingly repeated second rate ads, in programs that just substituted for the hard work of activity, just does not cut it any more.

Now the need for craft is back. The craft of creating goods and services that represent a legitimate exchange of value and the craft of identifying some point of relevance to which those brands can attach themselves in consumer consciousness.

It’s from there that good marketing and good advertising come. Social relevance is important. Why is this right for you? What does it do? What does it stand for? What’s its position? Why should you care?

If you know the answer to that, advertising is a great delivery mechanism. It fills the air (or a part of it) with some kind of context that allows you to create richer deeper experiences for those people that you are really interested in and that (you hope) might be really interested in you.

Advertising is also just terrific at directing people to those experiences. It could be in a store, to a tour you sponsor, a web property, a social profile or whatever but it is somewhere where the plot richens. The difference between success and failure is the ability to get the prospect into the creative process. If they contribute, if they share, you win.

Sharing and syndication by creators and advocates lead to brand content populating the social and searchable web. In turn this leads to the discovery of the brand experiences  by others that further drives the relevance of celebrity of a brand.

Delivery. Direction. Discovery. That’s what we are trying to do; create a virtuous circle of communication that establishes and maintains relevance for brands. It’s not an analog or digital debate; it’s not about the primacy of earned over paid media or about the death of push and the rise of the pull.

Rather it’s about understanding that relevance is at the center of new marketing. Creating it, communicating it and delivering on the promises you make.

This is a complex and sometimes expensive process. Rich propositions come from fertile valuable minds. Of course you can buy video for $10,000 a minute but you tend to get what you pay for…..


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2 responses to “The trouble with marketing

  1. Thanks for the great post!

    I think this is why a unique selling proposition is important … but just saying you have a USP isn’t enough. Companies need to actually create something that offers a benefit.

    Having a great product is the first step in really great marketing. After that, it’s just finding ways to tell people about it.

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