Bing – the decision engine

If you search “Bing” on Google you get 22,300,000 results. In here lies the premise of Bing.

Microsoft’s position is that there is little value in 22,300,000 results and that all the value is in the one result that you actually want that helps you achieve the task in hand. It’s not a bad thought and if it delivers on the promise Bing offers a serious alternative to Google and one that may have a long term impact of the behavior surrounding search. It’s a little fanciful to suggest that Google maybe one click – albeit by lots of people – away from losing its near monopoly but it appears that Microsoft is taking a position. It’s a position that may succeed in extensive retrial and with the rumoured promotional support Microsoft are giving it their best shot.

The notion of Bing as a verb may be hard to process  but it’s no less unlikely than Google.


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2 responses to “Bing – the decision engine

  1. It’s a bit ironic that Bing launched a PR blitz before the product was live.

    Looks like it’s up and running today though 🙂

  2. I’ve always felt that ‘search’ is the wrong word. At Yahoo we actually once discussed differentiating our search from Google in terms of FIND. You may, in effect, search anywhere, but at Yahoo! you find. My colleague, Murray Gaylord, suggested adding a purple tint to the result page(s) and refer to these results as The Purple Pages. Another lost opportunity. Oh well.

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