The walk off walk

Imagine, if you will, standing on the pitcher’s mound. It’s the 10th inning which is in progress as your opponent had tied the game in the 9th to extend the game. Your objective is to get three men out without allowing a run to be scored. The first batter gets on base. You decide that the third hitter is an easier out than the second so you toss four pitches way off the plate to give him an intentional walk.

Two men on base. Hitter three comes up and, very much not intentionally, you walk him also. Now the bases are loaded and the pressure is on. To make things worse the other team’s star slugger is at the plate and… walk him too. At that point the merry-go-round takes him to 1st, the guy on 1st to 2nd, the guy on 2nd to 3rd and the guy on 3rd strolls the 90 feet to home. Game over with a walk off walk.

Jeff Bennett of the Atlanta Braves was the unfortunate pitcher at Citi Field last night who handed the Mets a 4-3 win. May his name be enshrined there forever.

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  1. I was at this game too. A very unsatisfying way to win. And an absolutely embarrassing way to lose.

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