Social Gyroscope

A device for maintaining orientation. Goodness we all need one. Among the many places it would be handy is in our online social interactions in which our work chums, families, friends, casual acquaintances and those with whom we share our double lives are scarily co-mingled.

If we were minded to we could do Facebook for friends, Linkedin for work, A Small World for posh friends, Twitter for – actually not so sure about that – and Second Life for the alter egos of all of the above.

That possibility is neither practical or very satisfying – thus the need for the Social Gyroscope ™. Its role is straightforward. Whoever you connect with, regardless of when or  how, the SG orientates all of your other contacts and places them in a neat hierarchy of relevance and frequency of connection and also provides a handy “oh shit” filter to prevent accidental combustible interactions.  As a consequence you have the right folks on hand all the time on any device and any network.

Thus far the Social Gyroscope is in alpha test only and its prospective users will have to continue to rely on a remarkable but slightly unreliable device called the human brain for a while longer. First round funding anyone???

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  1. Craig List (no relation)

    Rob – that’s genius!
    Count me in. I have a product I’ve been working on that we can add into the mix. It’s a deep layer smart cookie that analyzes language and behavioral nuance in writing style and matches it back with your personal data (education, place of birth etc) and places you in the correct social strata based on this data. Your social network can then identify your social standing which manifests itself by automatically allocating the font in which all of your typing appears. Arial being middle class, Geneva upper class, etc etc. The beauty of the system is that infinite degrees of subtlety are achievable (once I get the bugs out of the system – it’s currently defaulting to Baskerville, a nerdy social sub strata inhabited only by failed novelists).
    The software also auto-suggests language options when you’re typing that will allow you to be socially upwardly mobile (its polarity is reversable for inverse snobbery). At the moment it’s fairly basic – substituting ‘loo’ for ‘toilet’ in English/English and “I went to college in Boston” for :”I’m a Harvard grad” in American/English, but once we have the funding, the system has the capacity to adapt and truly become the henry higgins of smart apps.

    However, I’m tentatively calling the product: ‘Igneous ‘, based on its deep strata capability and its rock solid dependability. I know you’re the ad guy, but I have the opening tagline for the facebook campaign: “Don’t be between a rock and a hard place”. Let me know when you’re ready to start.

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