Enfatico – a little balance

WPP (my employer) announced today that Enfatico, the agency it created with and for Dell would become a unit of Y&R. Clearly that was never the intention but it is the reality.

Given that schadenfreude is the last available form of amusement it’s probable that this outcome will please a lot of people and who would deny them that? It is worth mentioning, however, that both the client and WPP created Enfatico with the best possible intentions notably the customization of resource to fit a specific task recognizing that the world had changed a bit since most agency networks were conceived. This is not an unreasonable thought given that Michael Dell himself created his business through a fundamental change in supply chain processes.

Imagine for a moment that Enfatico’s first 18 months did not coincide with the worst economic calamity in 70 years but instead had commenced a few years previously in an environment that really supported investment and innovation; the outcome may have been different. Still things are what they are, the world changed and for sure the execution was not flawless.

In the end Enfatico has a new home, and it is to be hoped that the notion of customized resource, the ‘holding company dividend’, survives. Clients need focus like this.


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4 responses to “Enfatico – a little balance

  1. As a long-time Y&R veteran, I can tell you that this was always the vision…building client specific capabilities and not letting turf get in the way. Sadly, this has never been allowed to play out.
    Y&R or Enfatico (and who came up with that lame name anyhow…what was so bad with Team Dell? Did anyone need to spend that much time to create a brand name that would be known, at most, to a few thousand people (if that)? They’ve done the lame name thing before….remember Impiric?), they will either structure the team and the offering to match client needs or the client will do it for them. I wish Y&R, my 22 year home away from home, only the best.

  2. Casey Jones

    A thoughtful post, Rob. One of few thoughtful responses to the Enfatico dilemma.

  3. Does anyone remember “Ology”? That was the ‘almost’ name for Wunderman before they scrambled and created Impiric. One problem with Ology…it reads like Ogilvy. I know the fashion today is for created names that conjure up all sorts of techno overtones. But, as a marketer and occassionally a client, I would prefer that the names of the guys who own the place and who are responsible for the output be the names on the door. The anonymity of the techno-name allows bad work to go out with no connection to the people who should be watching.

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