I am in love

img000301With a little airline called Porter. It lives in Toronto and flies to Newark, Chicago, Montreal and Ottawa (plus a few places I have never heard of). It’s cheap, it uses brand new low noise, low emission planes. It lands in the center of Toronto on an island and has a one minute ferry ride to land. The lounge in Toronto is better than any Admiral’s or Red Carpet Club. The coffee is hot, the wi-fi is free, the staff look like they enjoy working there.

This is a super tough business so please please fly Porter (flyporter.com) and keep them in the air.

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  1. Brian Curran

    Did you ever try Suckling Airways (yes….flying pigs!!)…operated locally out of Cambridge, but also flew between Luton and Amsterdam….wonderful homemade in flight meals……and ‘vertically challenged” stewardesses (to allow them to work the aisle without bending). They transferred you from the gate out on to the tarmac using a taxi! Happy memories

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