Mind numbing repetition

It’s a sad but inescapable truth that most brands establish themselves in the minds of consumers through repetition. Advertising works that way. The amount of creativity involved in the process merely serves to reduce the repetition required. This verges on a universal truth and the ‘yeah but..brand X’ examples are merely the exceptions that proves the rule. The other universal truth about advertising is that it requires content to carry it.

These days repetition is harder and harder (and more expensive) to come by  and which makes  advertising less effective, more expensive or both. Rats. This means that the school report for brands and agencies has to read “must try harder, can no longer assume that excellent ad plus efficient media allocation will be a formula for success”.

Today every brand needs a story or a cause that can create a narrative arc that is of relevance and value to its intended constituency. It needs to create it and truly commit to it. In short it means working much much harder and realizing the need to deliver something that will gain participation sets a bar miles above that set for ad and media briefs so far.

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