A lesson in gratitude

It seems that some of the passengers that survived the Hudson River landing a couple of weeks ago are not happy with the response of US Airways.

The airline offered them all the highest level of status in their loyalty program for one year as a gesture and apparently some of dismissed this offer as inadequate.

It begs a wider question; exactly what was the airline compensating them for?

Presumably they were under no obligation to apologize for the behavior of a flock of geese (leave that to the Canadians), nor for the actions of their crew who executed a landing that many believed to be impossible. Is it just possible therefore that the complaining passengers believe that SOMEONE has to be blamed regardless of the circumstances?

Such behavior hardly restores one’s faith in human nature.


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3 responses to “A lesson in gratitude

  1. You’re absolutely right–they should be grateful that they are alive, have a moment of grace where they escaped something that we all fear and thank USAir.

  2. Forget the loyalty program status…when I heard that the people were receiving $5k a piece I was taken back. Weren’t their lives the reward? The first thing I asked myself is “maybe US Air is guilty of something other than flying into an unavoidable flock of geese”

    I travel frequently to places like Indonesia and other remote locations where people generally don’t even have insurance, let alone a litigious society with hairpin triggers in their hands. Natural disasters and acts of god are facts of life

  3. Probably a few lawyers on that one. Imagine if Feiger were on that bird? Sully and the crew are true american hero’s; you save 155 people and this is the thanks you get. Poaching for Canadian geese should be legal around airports. I bet the guy leading this is the one on the wing using his cell making his new flight intinerary. What has reality TV has done to the nation?

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