Carol Bartz

At first blush Yahoo’s new CEO does not look like the yodeling type. She does seem to have a track record of running real businesses that deliver products and services that customers want to pay for. 

It has been suggested that she has little direct internet experience but it’s hard to imagine that the internet did not play a key role in Autodesk’s business processes, product development and CRM functions. It’s also been said she does not know much about media and advertisng. Eric Schmidt could have been described in the same way.

So given all that it seems that what Yahoo’s board has done has appointed a CEO with experience in generating demand and earnings and that’s a pretty good thing all in all. To be a great CEO you need to be either a great visionary or a great manager. In Yahoo’s case it’s pretty clear that turning an enormous global audience into money is the central objective and doing that requires a great manager more than a visionary. Good luck.

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