Swinging London

London residents bemoan the state of the Capital’s infrastructure on a pretty regular basis but they aren’t doing so badly. Here’s a brief list of what they have that New Yorker’s can only wonder at:

  1. Express train connections to all three airports
  2. Heathrow Terminal 5 (and for that matter 1, 3 and 4) unmatched in New York
  3. Subway platform information screens everywhere which tell when trains are due
  4. The Oyster Card touch and go system for the entire subway and bus system
  5. Mobile phone payment systems for on street parking systems
  6. A congestion charging and payment system that actually works
  7. A train service to Paris, Brussels and the rest of Europe
  8. The best sports stadium in the world (Wembley)
  9. The best concert venue in the world (The O2 Centre)

Not bad at all.


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3 responses to “Swinging London

  1. I agree. Totally. And would add several other things that favor London (not exactly infrastructure, but what the heck):
    1. taxi drivers who actually speak the local language
    2. taxi drivers who know their way around the city intimately
    3. amazing Indian food in quantity, quality and price range (although NYC has equally amazing Chinese food)

    Now, if they would only drive on the correct side of the street.

  2. As the cracks in New York’s own infrastructure become chasms, London’s advantage will only grow stronger.
    While growin up in New York had it’s advantages, the quality of life factor is taking a toll on its residents and commuters.

  3. To be fair, though, you’ve picked on the worst features of New York except the stadium point and I’m not convinced that you’re right about Wembley. Even as a Redsox fan, I could appreciate the ease with which one could show up and buy a ticket at both the old Yankee and Shea stadiums. You couldn’t do that at Chelsea or Arsenal or actually Fenway Park. Twickenham which Jerry, you and me and perhaps Paul too ought to visit together is incredibly difficult to get to.

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