Windows shopping

It’s long been held that a key consumer behavior is ‘research online buy online’ otherwise known as ROBO.

This last week the UK press has commented often on an evolution of this thought which describes the propensity of consumers to wander the high street stores to determine the goods they want then trotting off home to find the best available price online. They call this ‘windows shopping’.

This phenomena is long established in the book selling business where most bookstores have become showrooms for Amazon and outlets of Starbucks.

The implications of this are more than scary for bricks and mortar retailers and their staff and may demand a significant re-think about what the idea of a shop means. In addition it may impact significantly on brand owners attitudes to retailers and their willingness to contribute to co-op advertising.

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  1. Interesting insights here. What if we put a decent mobile phone in the hands of the same high street shopper? Well, they might price shop via mobile.

    Then again…..

    As the high street retailer, I’d rather see a customer interact with my store brand on their mobile than see them price shop and walk up the street to a discounter. Product detail, customer service, care advice/installation info, accessory info, add-on special orders and more become the retailers opportunity.

    Mobile can provide an effective channel OOH, at that moment of impulse: Should I pay or should I go? (Apologies to Mick Jones/The Clash)

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