Geeks bearing gifts

WPP’s Stream Unconference Conference in Athens.

In the scrofulous surroundings of Club Med (apparently the cheapest Club Med in the world) a boot camp for brains, an assault course for the digestive system and waterboarding for the liver. A remarkable combination of the intense, the self righteous and the amusing. OK I admit it; I did not want to go but am very glad I did although my advisory group on internal medicine might not agree.

Here’s the difference. Stream is about participating, there are no sidelines to stand on which means no wall flowers and not even identification beyond name of who does what for who. You actually have to ask if you want to know.

Most of all Stream stimulates by contextualising the new in terms of real world and future world thinking and demands the application of creativity to everything.

I am going to throw up now. Excuse me.

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