Do you want to touch?

After a number of years of speculation about accelerated human evolution induced by the popularity of SMS and game console operation is it time to think instead about the I Phone flick motion with which the device du jour is operated?

Even if this does not put the after burners on Darwinian theory it really is worth thinking about life after the keyboard and the mouse. The HP Touchsmart ( along with the I Phone are among  a series of devices that have the potential to evolve a man / machine interface that it is now a generation old.

The mouse and the web go hand in hand. The whole ecosystem is designed for point and click interaction and with that comes a set of design rules that limit the user experience and the imagination of the designers themselves. In a touch screen world there is huge new potential for the publishers of both content and commerce applications. The whole idea of moving, sweeping, stretching and organizing content, shopping baskets, product demos and configurators is fascinating creating new spatial relationships that may result in far more ‘natural’ interactions.

Where the potential exists to evolve content it also exists for both the placnement and functionality of online advertising which is already (in a decade) in danger of becoming moribund. We may be a year or two awsay from the mass adoption of the touch screen device but it would seem like a good idea for advertisers and publishers to start imagining how the new paradigm will work.

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