Curve ball. The distribution of media usage

In the last few days Nielsen published findings about the consumption of video on TV, PC and mobile devices. Spectacularly the intenet video population appears to have grown to over 118mm individuals or around 40% of the TV video universe. The mobile video universe meanwhile ‘languishes’ at 4mm despite 91mm video enabled mobile devices being in use.

All terribly interesting but consider usage in terms of hours rather than individuals. Apparently the average 25-34 year old consumes 120 hours of TV per week and (among users only) 3hrs 22mins of online video and 3hrs 36mins of mobile video. This is staggering in two regards:

  1. The use of PC / internet video is staggeringly low in comparison to good ‘ole TV
  2. The use of mobile video among the minority that use it all is extraordinarily high

Thus my question about distribution curves. We know what the heavy / medium / light curve looks like on TV but not for online / mobile video or for that matter social networks. It is important that we understand if 95% of MySpace traffic comes from 5% of users and what that means in comparison to Facebook where maybe 90% of traffic comes frtom 60% of users (both made up).

Only by getting at this data can we estimate the true movement in consumer behavior and the cultural / behavioral sifgnificance of any emerging channel.

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