See it? Keep it? Share it?

It’s interesting to speculate on how the creative brief needs to evolve to reflect the opportunity presented by digital formats and channels.

Historically we created advertising to be seen, remembered, appreciated and acted upon. We never had any expectation that people would snip an ad from the paper or record it on the VHS. We really never expected them to pass the clipping or tape onto a friend.

Now there are times we want them to do just that and we just about recognize the idea but are a bit sloppy in how we choose to describe our goals. Commonly we aspire to have our ad ‘go viral’; we generally believe that virality is born from humour, the surreal and occasionally the sublime. Rarely do we think of virality being a function of utility; a reason to keep an ad or application as it continues to be useful or, better still, the desire to share it as it might also to be useful to someone else.

Distribution of ads and applications across social and peer to peer media demands a reappraisal of the creative brief, of distribution and measurement. The arrival of widgets in the wing mirrors of mainstream media and their unique ‘live update’ characteristics make such thinking a new imperative.

As we persue the nirvana of consumer engagement, keep it,share it should be two considerations on every brief.


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