Scale – the challenge of social media insights

The social graph is a mine (or minefield) of consumer data. The volume, location and sentiment of conversation is incredibly interesting and a number of tools can identify a whole bunch of locations for outreach, content placement, PR or, dare I say it, advertising, that one might not have considered without the insight.

Some of the companies that do this like Visible Technologies, VML (both of which are owned or part owned by WPP my employer) also suggest that there is a subset of total customers – 1% to10% – that disproportianely influence the rest. All good.

Now here’s the issue. Most of our customers are BIG with BIG audiences and BIG sales objectives. Niche they ain’t. As a result they rightly adore high reach media that can move the needle. So here’s a thought. What if we could take the tools of social media and having identified the conversational protaganists then identify which big media they, and those they influence use. We could use this data both in informing creative messaging and as a new targeting layer, and close the loop by re-visiting those smaller centers of conversation to see if our big media activity moved the needle there.

Insights are invaluable to every enterprise, leveraging those insights as scale is central to the communication needs of the largest companies.


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