Why I would vote for Obama – if I could

The USA is happy to collect and spend my taxes but not especially keen on allowing me to vote; the words ‘no taxation without representation spring’ to mind but no matter.

If I could vote it would be for the presumptive democratic nominee. Not because his opponent his old, not because of the war or immigration and not even because of economic policy.

The President of the United States has one power that remains unchallenged long after he leaves office and that is the nomination of judges to the Supreme Court. Those judges serve for life. Today the court has a conservative leaning with the rightish views of 5 of the 9 justices well known. Two of these including the Chief Justice were nominated by Bush the Younger and McCain (the Oldest) implies that, as the opportunity arises, he will also nominate conservatives.

The implications for civil rights and everything from abortion rights to the environment are influenced by decisions of the court and loss of balance is an issue that should concern everyone with the possible exception of the religious right.

Vote Obama.


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2 responses to “Why I would vote for Obama – if I could

  1. MN

    While there are many nuanced conversations to have about the elections, I think Rob has “bottom-lined” this well. I hope that even those who may currently support JM will consider the possible very long-term, irrevocable effects of a lopsided supreme court.

    Lack of balance there is not healthy for our country.

    A vote for Obama solves this problem. Go Obama!

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