What really matters to advertisers – a salesman’s playbook in emerging media

With the opportunities that abound in new and emerging media, here are a few criteria for sellers who wish to get the attention from the world’s biggest advertisers and their agencies and persuade them of the value of their property:


  • What is it now? What might it be? What are the constraints? Is that reach unique or of particular value?


  • Is this a fad, a trend, or a structural change to user behavior?
  • What behaviour might it complement or replace?


  • What might participating do to our reputation?
  • What insight might we gain about the conversation surrounding our brand, category or audience?
  • How can we influence that conversation and at what price?


  • Is this a marketing channel, or a channel to market, or both, or neither?
  • Is its value in the short or long term effect of marketing?
  • What part of the purchase funnel might this site affect?
  • Which sales channel might this site affect? Is there a direct link to trial?
  • Is there a direct link to retail?
  • What proxy for a sale (what ‘revenue event’) could we stimulate?


  • Is there some advantage to being a first mover?
  • What is the price of entry?
  • What are the comparables?
  • What is the minimum investment required for learning?
  • What is the minimum investment required for sales effect?
  • What measurement criteria are practical?


  • What is the best way to make our commercial communication work? Should we engage as advertiser or sponsor? Should we integrate product or content? Should we create a community, or just join one?

All these aspects are worth considering, in a market of near infinite choice the information bar is set to high.

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