To Beijing (with Deli)

Off to Beijing. My friend Rich exhibits no confidence in Air China catering by bringing a VERY large bag of food to sustain us over the pole.

It’s only a couple of months before the Olympics and I wonder if the city is ready either physically or emotionally for the people and the scrutiny that the event will attract.

One can’t help thinking that it could go either way. The Olympics could just create a mutual familiarity between east and west that acts as a real bridgehead to progress or just enough could go wrong to pull the bamboo curtain shut.

It needs to be remembered that Chinese reticence to the world outside is driven as much as anything by a fear of being misunderstood and ridiculed. This would be a good time to view China in the round and not just the stereotypes which may be easier to conjur.

Maybe Rich will be converted on this trip and eat the plane food on the way home.

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