Venice – last word

Well that’s it. The Who was Who of media heads home. Sensational networking and renewal of friendships but what else?

Well certainly no great breakthroughs. The great and good were cautious but unanimous in the view that renewal of talent, proposition and compensation were the necessary ingredients of profitable growth. All true but hardly ‘this just in’ material.

As for the conference itself the crazy logistics of Venice were a tiresome but fair exchange for the beauty of the place but the conference logistics themselves were nearly as crazy and rather less forgiveable.

Here a few tips for next time..

1. Get the program running to schedule
2. Don’t cut the presentations of key speakers at the last minute
3. Don’t have black tie dinners unless there is a wedding involved.
4. Give up on ‘break out sessions’ especially if they are run by sponsors as commercials.
5. If you believe that change is in the air focus on that and those that catalyse it.

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