Platitude watch. The Facebook Story at Venice

Mike Murphy Head of Sales at Facebook explains elegantly the scale and the user utility of Facebook and disputes the possibility that growth is topping out. The editor of Ad Age is not so sure!

At the heart of Murphy’s point is that by opening the Facebook platform to developers has reduced the need for new social networks as the wannabes can build all the audience they want without leaving home.

Why am I hearing the faint echo of ‘do no evil’?

So with ‘users at the center of their universe’ where does the money come from?

All Murphy will say is that we don’t want to overdo banners and buttons but won’t quite get to the point of what they can and will do.He is at least in good company. All the advertisers here think social networks are important but very few of them know what to do next.

Perhaps this is another case of a need for more and better human capital to be applied to opportunities where the potential is awe inspiring but the path to success is not clear.

Paradoxically though the aforementioned developer community is starting to make money.

As an idle thought if Facebook were REALLY that valuable to its users I wonder what would happen if they charged to charge each user $1 per month?

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