Crossing continents

Day trips to Seattle from New York are curious affairs. In terms of distance it’s rather akin to London Moscow but because you fly west going home you get the pleasure of the red eye and the joys of five night hours on Continental. It’s a little hard to tell if the seat is reclining or if the retaining bolt is just a little loose.

Airports change character at night. The stores and bars close, the people are wall eyed and sparsely distributed and it feels like a rest stop for the confused and abandoned.

This is in elegant contrast to the commercial virility of the businesses here. I spent the day with Wild Tangent today, an online gaming network, and it’s remarkable to see just how that market is evolving and the businesses that can be built on the combination of networked consumers and compelling content.

Gaming is of course the killer application of interactivity and it’s somewhat surprising that the advertiser community still treats it as a niche play.

I suspect that won’t last for long.

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