Tiger Woods

Bay Hill Florida. 72nd hole, 21 feet, downhill putt for birdie and a win by one.  It drops, Tiger Woods wins his 64th PGA Tournament, and fifth in a row, at age 32 and maintains an unbeaten start to the season. The gap between 1 and 2 in the world rankings is now bigger than the gap between 2 and 1000. This is almost absurd. Golf must be the hardest of all sports in which to maintain a win record like this. In every tournament he plays he contends with at least 40 of the top 50 players in the world and in every tournament has to win over a long distance of between 260 and 280 shots. He plays the same course in the same conditions, has no equipment advantage, he is not the tallest or heaviest (he may be the fittest), he does not even hit the ball furthest these days. He does play with a gallery ten times more populous than any other player but it’s hard to see how that makes it easier.  So it seems that there is a combination of skills and mental acuity to keep doing it without getting complacent regardless of the circumstances but you can’t help wondering if there is something else going on here. What might Tiger Woods do when he is done with golf?

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  1. Adam

    Don Bradman of course had a similar record in cricket, the equivalent of an OPS about 30% higher than the next batsman if you want to express it in baseball terms. After or rather during cricket, he became a stockbroker and fund manager. I’m not sure that there is any correlation between extreme success at sport and anything else.

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