It’s like September 2006 all over again

Google’s stock now trades at around September 2006 levels and how different the view is on the descent as once again the theory of ‘what goes up goes up’ proves less than entirely valid.

Apart from a vauge curiosity as to the impact on the options of several thousand Google employees one wonders what the trigger might be for the recent trend to reverse?

The answer may come from Brussels as the EU looks set to approve the Doubleclick acquisition and set the stage for a transformation of Google’s influence over, and share in, the display advertising market.

The portents are not universally positive however. Display prices outside premium inventory are trending lower and Google will need to deliver a performance model to advertisers that is both highly competitve with the other platform players and catalyse a growth in the market as well as stealing share.

Achieving this will be no mean feat but if you were backing anyone Google would be an early round pick but transforming display may make their domination of search look easy.

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