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Guargaon (the business district referenced in the last post) juxtaposes new and old India perfectly. Glass office buildings lining a new and dusty highway with cows sleeping on the divider. So goes the place so goes the people.

The old India perception of hordes of people gathering in a mixture of inexplicable occupations seems to ring true but now the inexplicability stretches to sophisticated technology businesses rolling into the market at breakneck speed.

Of course there is, by western standards at least, a vast economic underclass in India but the inexorable upward drag of technology on prosperity is eye popping. Perhaps most extraordinary is the almost visible evaporation of the shanty economy right here.

Just 15 months ago (when I was last here as a tourist) there were dozens of street hawkers on the streets outside these buildings but now they are almost gone and seemingly the people who operated them have been dragooned into the security and service personnel who operate these premises and yes….they all have a cell phone.

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