Delhi day

Delhi has a business district that could be on the perimeter of any major city in the world and shares the anonymity that comes with that. It feels like an attempt to see the pyramids while never leaving Cairo airport.

Mumbai was fascinating professionally. With only 5m domestic braodband users in the country it’s no surprise that marketers are more animated by the 40m or so users of internet enabled phones.

Mobile marketing which remains in the delivery room in the US is squealing with enthusiasm in the light of the Indian day. The lack of commercial fatigue means that users embrace brands and offers without Western cynicism and with upcoming applications like mobile banking and SMS 2.0 (more of that later) one wonders about the future of the PC web.

The Indians of course have cracked the obvious problem that mobility is the perfect connective tissue between offline communications and retail. There is not much emphasis on mobile display but huge efforts on driving participation and trial through messaging and couponing.

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