Magical mystery tour

Today Phoenix for the IAB, Saturday to Mumbai and all points east.

The IAB is an important organization in my industry’s life and even the opening remarks show the signs of tensions to come. At the heart of the argument is a simple notion; is the future of media and advertising to be the delivery of messages to known audiences irrespective of the media context?

The logic seems irresististible on the face of it but in my view both context and mindset are both central to advertising effect particularly when the focus of that advertising is on the medium and long term creation of demand.

What this business needs is a clear sense of the multiple roles communication plays and an understanding that actions close to the point of sale or transaction are just one application of digital marketing rather than the whole answer all of the time.


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2 responses to “Magical mystery tour


    Perhaps there is something in between “irrespective of context” and “in context”; e.g., context parameters that filter out some environments and screen for others? Like the media specs we use for legacy media…

  2. robnorman

    Are you truly the real Gene Dewitt or merely a fan of his ouevre? If the former I am truly humbled that you read my blog!


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