What’s up doc? The broadband and rabbit ears solution

Funds are limited. You need to choose between the services you buy. Assume light and heat are a given then choose between land line, cell service, cable subs and broadband. Well it seems that the choix du jour of the cash strapped and comms hungry is broadband plus cell – plus rabbit ears.

The combination gives you mobility, connectivity and entertainment and the only thing you give up is those cable nets that do not deliver their product via the web or peer to peer. Even there we have Netflx for scripted drama so its really only non-network sport that is missing from the premium pack.

From a cost value equation it is not a bad compromise and you can’t help wondering if this is the first signs of a more significant rejection on the packaged pay TV model. This looks like another big challenge for the existing economics of entertainment and yet more pressure to  create a multi platform distribution model that does not have a ‘free’ component.

Some years ago I wrote a piece call ‘how micro-payments could save the media’ and at the time it fell on deaf ears. It may be time to resurrect the idea.

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