Lost in words

If the purpose of language is to communicate and illuminate I fear ESPN may have failed in  its attempt to illustrate how the Jacksonville Jaguars stopped New England’s star receiver, Randy Moss, from contributing to his side’s victory. They stated that this was achieved by ‘the secondary mixing two-high safety locks with nickel and dime alignments’ indeed.What actually happened was they placed a lot of defenders in front of, and around Mr Moss so Tom Brady the quarterback simply threw it to other people. Mr Brady is one of these individuals who seems to occupy his own temporal space. Time simply stops around him then expands to exactly the point where he has no further use for it and the ball finds its way to its intended target.If you don’t happen to be a fan of football it is probably worth watching the tape and only watching Brady. He does not appear faster, bigger, or more athletic than his peers but like Schumacher, Woods, Jordan, Federer and others his talent and presence cast a spell on those who play with and against him 

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