Left to their own devices

My industry including my colleagues, clients and vendors have decamped to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show wherein they are gazing on flat panel TV’s, sexy wafer thin monitors and, should they find the right hall, in-car audio and video systems with bass that could activate the San Andreas fault. The question is why?

The answer is three fold. There is the all for one, one for all mentality of ‘if they are there, we are there’, secondly the weather in Vegas tends to be better in January than in New York (untrue as it turns out), and thirdly because everyone assume that there is an ad funding model in absolutely everything.

The last one is the important one if you are reading this. There will lots of commentary from others better informed than I but I want to make one observation. The central issue here is one of creativity. The media folks will work it out but I am not so sure about the makers of new format programing or the makers of the ad messaging that goes before, in or around that programming.

A new discipline post Hollywood and Madison Avenue needs to grow up in this country supported by new production pricing models, new formats and a new generation of clients prepared to push and approve this work.

This business is only about message creation and distribution. The latter could not be in better health. The former sits at the cusp of an explosive opportunity but may be less well equipped to grasp it. 

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